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 About UniRef

UniRef is a Swiss non-governmental organisation, recognised as public utility, which provides university and professional education leading to diplomas for young refugees. UniRef’s Mission is to empower these young refugees so that they can find employment in their country of origin or host country. 

Access to education for young victims of armed conflict is now a priority development area for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UniRef’s partners. Refugees under the protection of UNHCR or Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies benefit from primary and secondary education. At the end of this instruction, they are currently offering very few opportunities to continue their higher education in the camps. 

That is why UniRef has created this Mission by offering these young victims of armed conflict an access to university and professional education leading to diplomas in key sectors such as health, computer science and agriculture. These graduate refugees will eventually be able to regain control of their future and contribute to the economic and cultural development of their region.

The refugee crisis around the world

Today, there are more than 68 millions people displaced in the world who have fled their countries of origin due to armed conflict or economic reasons.

These refugees live in a camp for an average of 17 years and less than 1% of them have access to tertiary education, according to UNHCR statistics.