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The global refugee crisis

Nowadays, more than 68 million people had to flee their home countries due to armed conflict or fear of persecution.
Refugees live on average nearly 17 years inside a camp and less than 1% of them have access to tertiary education.

About UniRef


UniRef is the first NGO to propose fast track (1 year) University Degrees and Vocational Trainings specially designed and adapted to the needs of Urban Refugees in Jordan. UniRef takes care of the future of refugees younger generations allowing them to have a tertiary education and a job and contributing to the construction of a non-violent, forward-looking society.

UniRef’s mission is a long-term investment in the Arab World for the refugees.

UniRef current educational project is academic, social and innovative providing a sustainable solution for the socio-professional integration of young Syrian refugees in Jordan. Indeed our main target population (80%) is the Urban refugee Youth in Jordan from 18-29 years old as few opportunities are given to urban refugees. UniRef will integrate Jordanian students (20%) to its programs in order to facilitate refugee’s professional and personal integration in their host country.

UniRef (University for Refugees), is a Swiss non-governmental organization and recognized charity that delivers free tertiary education and professional vocational training to refugees. The goal of UniRef is to make young refugees autonomous so that they can find employment in their country of origin or host country.

UniRef has established with his academic partners short one-year diplomas courses adapted to the refugees’ needs. This method will allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge in a limited time and quickly integrate into the Jordanian labor market. UniRef provides diplomas and certificates from the best Jordanian and American universities taught by experienced professors.

UniRef’s programs are totally free of charge for the students.



According to Emad, who fled from Syria few years ago, a University diploma is the most valued asset to shape his own future.

Our missions

Our approach

Academic Programme


• University Education:  diploma recognised by the Ministry of Higher education.

• Vocational Training:  diploma recognised by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health.

• A hybrid teaching method: Classroom courses and an IT platform with online courses.
• Internships spaces in order to complete vocational training.

Education and job creation

• The UniRef staff: UniRef only employs teachers and professors with local academic credentials. The administrative staff is also recruited locally.
• Refugees: At the end of their academic training, as assistant nurses, IT technicians and agronomy technicians, they will have a significant role in the development of their host country and country of origin.



Testimony of Patience: a beneficiary of the UniRef mission in Burundi

“I am 25 years old, a native of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a child, I lost my mother and my brothers in the armed conflict and I grew up in very precarious conditions. In 2007, I fled to Burundi where I immediately obtained refugee status. In the Musasa camp, I continued my studies and passed the state examination. Today, I teach Congolese refugees from the camp. Refugees and local populations have welcomed the initiative, and I would like to say a big thank you to UniRef.”


Testimony of His Excellency Ambassador Dieudonné Ndabarushimana: former refugee who became Ambassador of Burundi in France.

In his testimony, His Excellency Mr. Ndabarushimana testifies that his education was severely disrupted when he fled to Tanzania in 1993 to escape the civil war in Burundi:  “I was just as good as all the others in my class, but I had to flee to Tanzania while I was still in high school. At some point, I lost all hope to continue my studies. Some of my classmates had then become doctors or officials.”