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Our academic approach



UniRef offers academic courses in the fields of health, education and agronomy. These sectors of education are particularly suited to the socio-economic context of the regions where our missions are located. They are based on the analysis of needs identified by UNHCR and our institutional and local partners in charge of higher education.

The UniRef diplomas are internationally recognized and provide significant employment opportunities. They allow young refugees to leave the camps, integrate into the local socio-economic fabric and become involved in economic and cultural development within their region.

UniRef provides a classic teaching approach by university professors from the local academic fabric and  teaching in our schools within the camps. The teaching method is supported by the provision of a computer platform as well as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), designed by the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Ngozi. The courses are specially adapted to the local context.


UniRef Diplomas

Bachelor in Nursing
Opportunities : Nursing  

The academic curriculum includes nursing, research and related sciences in the field of practical nursing. It also provides students with general education in mathematics, humanities and social sciences.

UNHCR camps are recipients of health clinics in which nursing graduates have the opportunity to do internships and provide essential healthcare support to the population living in the camps. Once qualified, the diploma allows nurses to practice their profession in other camps, as well as in their country or origin.

Training PRO FLE (French as a Foreign Language)

National Centre for Distance Learning(CNED) : Website
Opportunities : French Secondary School Teachers

6This professional course which runs over two years, bases its effectiveness on the fast acquisition of teaching skills and classroom management.
During the course of the teacher training program, young recipients of the UniRef mission will act as tutors and help children to assimilate into secondary educational programs. Upon graduation, they will be able to intervene in UNHCR camps or provide training within The Great Lakes region.

UniRef has chosen CNED as a partner given its involvement and success in teaching methods deployed in francophone Africa.

Bachelor in Agronomy and Agribusiness

University of Ngozi (Burundi) : site internet
Opportunities : Private agricultural entrepreneurship and Agricultural Engineering within public institutions

5The academic curriculum allows students to acquire specialised knowledge in management and crop production that is tailored for The Great Lakes region.

The University of Ngozi, founded in 1999, during the ethnic conflict in Burundi, is a private institution promoting development, peace and social integration. The University is recognised by the Burundian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.