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The UniRef Diplomas

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Our academic approach


The UniRef curriculum is composed of three academic degree programs in the fields of healthcare, agribusiness and computer science. These educational programs are particularly adapted to the socio-economic context of the regions where the mission is located.

UniRef’s teaching is provided within its own academic institutions by university professors from the academic community.

UniRef is one of the first NGO to propose fast track (1 year) University Degrees and Vocational Trainings specially designed and adapted to the needs of refugees in Jordan. This method will allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge in a limited time and accelerate their integration in the labor market. They are based on the analysis of needs identified by UNHCR and international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

 UniRef academic programs


UniRef academic programs consist of: Healthcare, Agriculture and IT and are carefully chosen based on a study of the labor market in Jordan conducted by UniRef, the President of Jordan Red Crescent and the academic representatives of our university partners.

• Jordan has an advanced healthcare system that is divided into 2 sectors: public and private.
• Agriculture considers one of the main sources of Jordanian national growth. Therefore, encouraging the refugees to participate in this area will with no doubt enhance Jordanian GDP growth.
• Jordan’s IT industry is one of the most advanced in the Middle East Region. This sector generates about $1.18 billion of income every year, representing 13,5% of the country’s GDP.

The selection of our academic programs is done with our regional and international partners:
• IFRC (international Federation of Red Cross
and Red Crescent Societies)
• JRC (Jordan Red Crescent)
• University of Jordan
• Isra University
• Harvard University


UniRef’s diplomas are recognized by the Jordanian’s Ministry of Tertiary Education, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Labour. UniRef’s graduates will be able to integrate into the Jordanian or neighboring countries’s labor market.

Graduated student in Advanced First Aider and Health Worker’s Assistant will be able to work in public and Private health sectors. These sectors include hospitals, care clinics, primary and other auxiliary services.

Graduated student in Agribusiness can pursue the following careers in:
Marketing, sales, accounting for international agribusiness firms, Credit analysts for regional agribusiness banks, Consulting for private firms and government agencies, Logistics and supply chain management, Business development and supply management.

Computer Science Program leads to a number of opportunities in areas such as:
Analysis and management of large volumes of data (Big Data), Network management, Project management, IT firms, Banks, Service industry, Administration and public services.

These professions are not restricted professions. UniRef will put its alumni in direct contact with companies in order to facilitate their integration into the employment’s world and will dedicate for this mission a specialized office in its premises.