Hello and welcome to the UniRef

Our project was designed by the honorary President of the Sorbonne, Pr. Jacques Soppelsa. Yvelyne Wood, President and artist committed to humanitarian causes then founded UniRef with Bryan Wood in 2013.

UniRef’s missions are developed by young academics who are dedicated to the success of our missions for the benefit of young refugees.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and working together to help refugees reach their full potential.

Uniref is pleased to announce the prestigious partnership with the Sheika Fatima Fund for Women Refugee

Yvelyne Wood president of UniRef is very proud to announce a prestigious partnership with Sheika Fatima Foundation. An agreement was signed between UniRef and the Sheika Fatima Foundation in December 2023. This agreement will strengthen the collaboration between Uniref and the Sheika  Fatima Foundation. The mission aims to provide professional and higher education in partnership with Harvard Edx University, to the benefice of women refugees. 


SE Dr. Maitha Al Shamsi Ministre d’État des Émirats Arabes Unis 

Présidente de l’Initiative de soutien et d’autonomisation des femmes réfugiées

Sheikha Fatima Mint Moubarak

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