UniRef’s mission is to provide free access to higher education and vocational training programs to young refugees and members of host communities who do not have the financial resources to study in regions affected by armed conflicts and where humanitarian help is essential.

UniRef’s aim is to enable students, through academic and professional training, to move away from international humanitarian aid by facilitating their integration into the formal labour market. This training is thus necessary to allow these young adults to have a professional future, to gain financial autonomy, and to help them support their family. Providing training that gives perspectives to a sacrificed generation finally promotes their psychological well-being and prevents radicalization.

Since 2018, UniRef has implemented, in partnership with the Jordan Red Crescent, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and the University of Jordan, its current mission in Amman, Jordan to the benefit of young Syrian refugees and destitute Jordanians. 

UniRef closed its higher education mission in Burundi, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in December 2017.


Our Academic Innovative Approach

Our programs were created alongside our university partners. They tackle the most important sectors of the host country where we establish our mission… learn more about our innovation process

Jordan 2

Our Projects

Two different missions, two different countries and a common goal: providing access to higher education to avoid a “sacrificed generation”… learn more about our projects


Since 2013, UniRef has been devoted to bringing tertiary education to refugees. 

We would like to implement new projects wherever our humanitarian support is needed.

This is why we ask for your help to keep developing our contribution to a peaceful and sustainable world.

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