UniRef commits with the highest norms and standards of international action

In order to assure quality, accountability and success expected by actors of the relief sector, standards and methodologies have been developed and summarized into open access resources for practitioners. UniRef commits to respect the Humanitarian Core Standards that are the best humanitarian framework, created by the CHS Alliance and the URD Group on quality and accountability principles, part of the Sphere standardization project and other initiatives to create guidelines and tools.

To do so, UniRef follows the Sphere Handbook as main reference but also uses international frameworks (SDG, DAC OECD criteria) guideline, methods and tools offered by cooperation consortia of humanitarian and development actors, international organization and NGOs.

UniRef supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The global goals are a set of 17 commitments established in 2015 during the 2030 Agenda for Sustainability.

UniRef fights for a world where sustainability and Human Rights would be ever present. Our organization combats iniquity, protects Human Rights for Education, promotes gender equity, and helps women’s empowerment.

As part of the process, Uniref focuses its strength on:
  • No poverty.
    UniRef’s educational programs are developed for a population of young refugees who would otherwise be excluded from university studies and/or vocational training courses.
  • Quality education.
    Our main objective is to provide refugees with courses that enable them to enter the job market of their host countries. Hence, UniRef’s students are offered bespoke vocational training. Their lengths are from 3 to 6 months or 1 year. All our programs are designed by academic professionals.
  • Gender equality.
    UniRef is an international non-profit Swiss humanitarian organization engaged in the defense of educational human rights for refugees. We fight against discrimination, particularly women’s eligibility for higher education and training.
  • Decent work and economic growth.
    UniRef has developed programs that enable young refugee students to find a job after completing their curricula. We provide them with training in IT, Web programming, Software backup, Foreign Languages, Healthcare program, Agribusiness, and Mobile Maintenance.
  • Reduce inequalities.
    UniRef supports the UNHCR’s “Aiming Higher” goals by facilitating refugees’ access to higher education. According to the UNHCR, only 3% of refugees have currently access to higher education.
  • Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.
    At UniRef we firmly believe that education is a way to reach world peace and social inclusion.
  • Partnerships for goals.
    UniRef has built relationships and/or partnerships with the UNHCR, IFRC, Isra University, Jordan University, and the Swiss embassy in UAE.