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Credit: WikimediaCommons/Ukrainian refugees crossing into Poland/Міністерство внутрішніх справ України


UniRef’s support to the persecuted

Ukrainian women have been thrown onto the roads forced to flee the devastating war on their soil. They are often accompanied by their children, some very young.

Once in their host country, they had great difficulty meeting their family financial needs. In addition, they also have no idea when they can return home.  

Despite this deteriorating situation these women are eager to return to a professional activity. 

In respect with their desire to regain their independence through work, UniRef will provide them with educational training to facilitate their inclusion into the local job market.


Data collected by UNHCR on May 23rd 2022

Poland is in the first line for welcoming Ukrainian refugees.

Since the beginning of the war, UNHCR estimates that over 3,5 million refugees have moved into Poland and need protection and support. 

UniRef has created a department dedicated to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. This new team is made up of culture and polish language specialists. 

They have collected information from local partners such as NGOs, organizations, and academics. We also have surveyed refugees to understand their most pressing education needs. 

It appears that many Ukrainian refugees already have degrees and job experience.
However qualified Ukrainian women can’t practice in Poland due to their lack of good polish knowledge.

For the same reason, young adults are excluded from university because of language. 

The present mission of UniRef in Poland aims to provide free access to a language course.

UniRef believes that language training is a key factor for integrating refugees into their host countries.

Polish government continues to prioritize policies in favor of refugees. But the situation is not improving and refugees need a sustainable income in the short-term. 

UniRef collaborates with its local partners to offer solution adapted to individual situations. 


Credit Katie Godowsky/Pexels