Our partnership

At UniRef, we have extended our efforts in the Polish mission to support refugees who have finished their training but cannot pursue their profession due to language challenges. To achieve this, we have set ourselves the task to create Polish language courses that focus on medical vocabulary. Our primary objective is to help them integrate into the local labor market by overcoming language barriers.
The courses are organized by Fundacja Zawsze Warto, which is dedicated to the social integration of newly arrived individuals in Poland. They provide language courses for both beginner and advanced groups, for adults and children (students), and also specialized courses for medical staff, teachers, and other professionals. In addition, they facilitate community integration through activities that enable newcomers to learn about the city, Polish culture, art, and customs.

The partnership already allowed the creation of a class of 13 Ukrainian professionals from the medical field for a 4-month cycle and aims to implement several other cycles focused on the same topic.

About our partner

Founded in 2015 the Zawsze Warto Fundation is dedicated to promoting humanistic and social education among young people through educational, cultural and scientific projects and other related events and activities. The history of the Fundation dates back to 2005 when the first idea of the mission emerged and gathered dedicated, enthusiastic people around it. The consistent circle of friends, volunteers and the Fundation Board members is the core of the Zawsze Warto Fundation. The Zawsze Warto Fundation is an organization, supported by contribiutions from fundations, corporations and individuals who share the Fundation’s mission, which employs just one person.

All of our main projects have national coverege. The key projects of the Fundation are:

Science Cafe – the monthly meetings with prominent personalities of culture, art and science are addressed to young people. The meetings with 15-year-old tradtion are organized in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Art and Sciences and are held at the headquarter of the Academy in Kraków. Since the beginning, more than 140 meetings have been held.

The National Dictation Po polsku o historii has been organized since 2012. The project is a form of traditional Polish language test with the elements of contemporary history of Poland after 1918. Every year thousands of students from all over Poland take part in the Dictation sitting down and writing the same text at the same time. In previous years more than 300 000 students took part in the project.

Matura na 100 procent (Secondary School Final Examination for 100%) is a national project organized in cooperation with the Central Examination Board, a state institution organising final secondary school exams in Poland. The project is aimed at the best secondary school graduates.

The Fundation promotes and rewards these exceptionally talented, diligent young people during the annual event – the Gala. The Gala is hosted in the largest Polish cities that are also academic centers. The mayors of the cities are the co-hosts of the Gala.

Poetyckie Jaskółki is a nationwide poetry project for young people. The annual volumes of poetry are the summary of the project. The poems by young poets are placed along with the poems of the most outstanding Polish poets. One of the volumes  was opened with a poem by the Nobel Prize winner Wisława Szymborska.

The Zawsze Warto Fundation is the organizer of monthly open musical concerts for residents of Kraków. Many occasional concerts are held with the participation of music school students and distinguished Polish musicians. Music accompanies all major events organized by the Foundation. We believe that there is no better way to promote culture and encourage new generations to discover art.